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Why Nascent Iodine Is So Effective…

Nascent Iodine is the best iodine supplement because it is highly absorb-able. Survival Shield X-3: Nascent Iodine Supplement is a great product because of its unique, proprietary, iodine extraction process.

4 Reasons this is the Best Iodine Supplement:Nascent Iodine Supplement Survival Sheild X-3

  1. This is the safest iodine product because it is gluten free, contains no alcohol and comes from an organic, vegan friendly source.
  2. The body can assimilate Survival Shield X-3 very well because it mimics hormone precursors secreted by the thyroid gland.
  3. Large amounts of energy can be felt at the very moment of consumption because of a small electromagnetic charge that the best iodine supplement has. Yes! For real…
  4. Dramatically supports the thyroid gland, thus balancing and monitoring your entire endocrine system, not to mention the homeostasis of your body.

Why Do You Need to Take The Best Iodine Supplements?

  • It is is an essential mineral- Essential nutrients are important because your body needs them from an external source and cannot assimilate it on it’s own. In other words you need it to stay alive.
  • Endocrine System – The thyroid is a master gland that controls and monitors homeostasis. Furthermore, it controls the endocrine system. The endocrine system is basically your hormone glad system.
  • Balance your Hormone Levels- Nascent Iodine Supplements boosts your body’s pituitary gland and de-calcifies your pineal gland. As a result, you have the potential reach higher levels of health. Consequentially, higher levels of consciousness can be achieved.endocrine system

Parts Of The Body Nascent Iodine Supplements Support

  • Boost the power-house hormone glands in the brain that produce and trigger almost all of the master sex hormones.
  • Healthy Metabolism – Nascent iodine supplements boosts the thyroid. As a result, you body can better monitor the metabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Thyroid Health- Treats hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Furthermore, it balances your thyroid weather its over active or under active.

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More than 50% of the population is iodine deficient… and less than 3% have iodine deficiency related diseases.

Image result for half the population pie chart

Do you have Iodine Deficiency? Check this short list of Iodine Deficiency Symptoms…

  • Sudden weight loss/gain even while maintaining the same diet
  • Increased or decrease of appetite
  • Nervousness, anxiety and irritability
  • Sweating
  • High sensitivity to heat
  • Changes in menstrual patterns
  • Thin skin and unhealthy hair
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Fatigue, muscle weakness
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Tremors
  • Rapid heartbeat 100 beats per minute

Do you have any of these iodine deficiency symptoms?

A. Yes ==>

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B. No==>

Click Here. You still need the best Iodine Supplement because it is an essential building block every cell in your body.

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Best Iodine Supplements: Here There are 3 “Main” Types of Consumable Iodine.

What I did here for you is find the very best iodine supplements for the three very best forms of consumable iodine.

1. Nano-Colloidal Detoxified Iodine, (Nascent Iodine Supplement)

Nascent Iodine Supplement Survival Sheild X-3

  • Safe, natural “pink salt” source
  • Very easy for the body to assimilate
  • Electromagnetically charged
  • Very Potent
  • Cures Iodine Deficiency
  • Liquid drops

2. Lugol’s Solution

Best Iodine Supplement

Lugol’s Solution

  • Safe product
  • Body can assimilate it well
  • Good source
  • Combats Iodine deficiency
  • Widely Used
  • Liquid Drops

3. Potassium Iodide

Best Potassium Iodide Supplement

Potassium Iodide

  • Non-Organic form of iodine
  • Average Assimilation rates
  • It is still a good source even though it is non-organic
  • Prevents Iodine Deficiency
  • Emergency water distilling
  • Liquid drops

Survival Shield X-3-Nascent Iodine Supplement: The Safe Supplement

  • Lab grade ingredients
  • GMP compliant
  • Survival Shield X-3 is manufactured in a state-licensed facility that meets federal regulatory standards Pre-screened for radiation during the product control stage
  • 1,100 mcg per dropper… That’s over 45 servings per bottle!!!


The Raw Materials for Survival Shield X-3 is Extracted from the most purest sources…

  • The Raw materials for X-3 is collected from 200 million year old pink salt solutions found 7,000 ft. below the Earth’s crust. It is similar to the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt.Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
  • After extracting raw ingredients from the earth. The scientists use Thermodynamic Pressure Sensitive High Energy Sound Pulse Nano-Emulsion Technology. This process creates a highly unique proprietary process. (wow…big words… “haha”)
  • As a result, a highly potent concentrate of Nascent Iodine Supplement free of additives and GMO’s… 1,100 mcg per dropper!!!

More Science Behind the Best Iodine Supplement: Survival Shield X-3Iodine Science

  • Bound forms of iodine must first be separated. Then clarified and purified from other binding components and impurities.
  • This step-by-step process converts the raw substance into a USP-grade supplement. This is important because mono-elemental iodine are certified USP re-sublimated iodine crystals. (USP=(United States Pharmaceutical))
  • USP Grade IodineWhen USP iodine crystals are subjected to the proprietary process mentioned above. It becomes Nano-Colloidalized and transforms into a form of elemental nascent iodine.
  • A.K.A. Mono-Atomic Iodine (Survival Shield X-3 Nascent Iodine Supplement)
  • The science is what makes X-3 the best iodine supplement on the market.
  • This thyroid supplement has Electromagnetic Properties that give an instant burst of energy upon consumption… For Real!!!

Electromagnetic iodine supplement

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X-3 Nascent Iodine Supplement Is Such High Quality, You will…

  • Know your using a safe product.
  • Be pumping tons of hormone precursors through your blood stream.
  • Experience more natural energy.
  • Enjoy the blessing of a happy thyroid…

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Final Verdict: Is Survival Shield X-3 worth it?

Answer: Yes!Image result for like button

Bottom line:This is the best iodine supplement out there…
It takes seconds to take…
And your hormones will have a new arsenal of support for the busy life you live…

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Nascent Iodine Supplement F.A.Q

Q: Where can I buy Survival Shield X-3 Nascent Iodine Supplement?
A: You can buy X-3 directly through Amazon through this link.

Good luck!!! And here’s to you having healthy hormones body again!

Published 7/27/17 Updated 5/21/19


Best Iodine Supplement | Nascent Iodine
Best Iodine Supplement to Treat Iodine Deficiency | Nascent Iodine
The Best Iodine Supplement to Reverse Iodine Deficiency : Nascent Iodine
Best Iodine Supplement to Treat Iodine Deficiency | Nascent Iodine
Nascent iodine is the best iodine supplement for reversing iodine deficiency. This nascent iodine supplement is crucial for the thyroid and entire endocrine system. It has the potential balance hormones increase energy level and over all well being. Iodine is found in every cell of the body. Which means YOU NEED IT!
Nascent iodine is the best iodine supplement for reversing iodine deficiency. This nascent iodine supplement is crucial for the thyroid and entire endocrine system. It has the potential balance hormones increase energy level and over all well being. Iodine is found in every cell of the body. Which means YOU NEED IT!
Survival Shield X-2
Survival Shield X-2
Survival Shield X-3